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Compact ruggedized Computer on Module (COM) with galvanic isolated CAN for ARM Cortex-M4 based Embedded Systems

NECSarm - ARM based Network Extended Control System

The default choice for demanding harsh and mobile embedded applications

The NECSarm is an ARM based modular Network Extended Control System (NECS) SBC providing numerous real world interfaces and 32-bit computing power, developed to be also a low-cost complementing to SFSs (Stock Flight Systems) high performance NECScompact and PowerNECS ruggedized, modular computer systems. The system is based on the Cortex-M4F microcontroller and offers a wide range of interfaces from simple GPIOs, industry standard USART, SDIO, I2C and SPI buses through to high speed USB 2.0 and Fast Ethernet PHY with IEEE1588 time stamping interfaces together with an galvanic isolated CAN interface. NECSarm operates from an unregulated 9-36 VDC power supply (optionally according to EN2282) and is polarity reversion protected.

Up to 32 NECSarm units may communicate with workstations, PCs, each other, or other real-time control systems by means of Controller Area Network (CAN). The standard communication protocol used within CAN in NECSarm-based systems are CANaerospace.

The NECSarm SBC is ideal for low-cost and feature-specific applications including simple HMI in appliances and industrial machines, navigation, industrial automation, avionics, data acquisition, control of mobile battery-operated systems such as robots and industrial vehicles and many more.

The NECSarm are provided with or without embedded CANaerospace library and open source real-time operating system. Ask for more information about available pre-installed firmware versions.



NECSarm Datasheet