The AdaRacer-FCS Autopilot compatible AdaPilot,


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CANaerospace compatible and cost-efficient fully integrated 9-DoF MEMS inertial solution for a broad variety of applications

mAHRS - mini Attitude Heading Reference Systems

The cost-efficient GNSS aided AHRS for demanding robotic and R&D applications

The mAHRS family is an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) including baro-corrected altitude estimation with an optional precise positioning GNSS aided by INS data-fusion to provide unmatched price and performance. Developed in in order to provides affordable and consistent performance in challenging operating environments, the mAHRS family also incorporates many new and enhanced design features and is user-configurable for a wide variety of applications such as unmanned vehicle control, land vehicle guidance, avionics systems, and platform stabilization.

The mAHRS integrates 9-DoF MEMS sensors, two barometric sensors, an Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter (AEKF) algorithms, and an optional SBAS-enabled multi-GNSS module all in a compact OEM board or rugged enclosure. All sensor data are acquired, processed in realtime and than transmitted over the integrated CANaerospace or RS-232 interface at a user-data output rate of up to 200 Hz.

The optional GNSS utilizes a 72 channel, L1, C/A code, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS module with excellent sensitivity. For high precision surveying and agriculture applications, a external qualified high-performance GPS receiver can be connected and integrated into the mAHRS robust SensOS™ sensor fusion algorithm.



mAHRS Datasheet